Rent a minibus with driver

A minibus is the smallest variant of a bus as regards to the renting of vehicles and offers seats up to 8 passengers, driver non-included. In opposition to small buses or buses, minibuses are subject to no special speed limitation and hence can drive as fast as a car. A minibus is most suitable for short transfers; likewise, in the event that your group is composed of more than 8 people, it is sometimes better to rent several minibuses than one big coach.

Minibuses offer many advantages: they can drive to inaccessible places unlike bigger vehicles, drive down narrow roads or anywhere there is an interdiction for buses. A minibus is therefore a good way to include a new tourist attraction or a spot to your itinerary that you could not have added to a normal excursion by bus. Some drivers also share stories and anecdotes about Hamburg for an entertaining trip! You save time and money as your driver is also your tourist guide!

Lastly, a minibus lends itself to transfers between events and, for example, a hotel, for transfers between Hamburg and the airport or for any other kind of transfer. We are highly flexible and offer personalized services.

Rent a minibus in Hamburg

Do you want to rent a minibus in Hamburg? Contacting Bus rental Hamburg is the easiest and fastest way! Please send us an email at or call our European line for bus renting at +49 172 83 44 164: our team will inform you on the renting of vehicles in Hamburg and will come up with a personalized offer for your transfers, sightseeing tours or excursions by minibus with driver!