Rent a small bus with driver

If your group is too big for a minibus but too small for a coach, you can rent a small bus with driver to Bus rental Hamburg at any time. Depending on our availabilities, we can provide with buses up to 10, 14, 16, 18 or 20 seats for your transfers, excursions and tourist tours. What is the bright side? Small buses are more maneuverable than coaches and can drive you to many destinations inaccessible to bigger vehicles. Moreover, trips by small bus allow a more intimate travel than in a bigger one.

Please note that the renting of small buses without driver through Bus rental Hamburg is not possible for insurance reasons. That holds even if one of the passengers of your group has a special driving license or if you work for a bus rental company in Germany, in Europe or elsewhere.

We also want to draw your attention to the fact that, in the event that no small bus is available, we reserve the right to transport your small group by a normally sized bus. If you book a bus trip with Bus rental Hamburg specifying the number of passengers, we secure the transfer of the exact number of people previously indicated, not the transfer in a vehicle of the exactly corresponding number of seats. Only in the case whereby it was expressly mentioned in the request and in the confirmation that the means of transportation should be a small bus, and that the number of seats was stipulated in the contract, then you can be sure that your group will get its small bus!

Rent a small bus in Hamburg

Depending on the availabilities, we propose small buses with driver for your transfers in Hamburg, between Hamburg and the airport or between Hamburg and any other desired location in Germany and Europe, as well as for tourist tours and excursions departing from Hamburg. Please send us an email at or call our European line for bus renting at +49 172 83 44 164. Bus rental Hamburg is at your disposal for any request and information.